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Standing and sitting the whole day in KLCC yesterday!(Actually I'm not really in there for the whole day. Maybe I think it should be just an hour or half...) Seeing ppl walking around, sitting around, chatting around, standing in the middle of the shopping center creating traffic problems, etc, etc... Why I was in KLCC for that time??? Waiting for parents to pick (or collect???) me up after my study. So, Why am I writing these s**t here? Is to tell u guys that, don't ever create traffic problems in shopping centers by just standing in the middle of the bz traffic chit chating! Some ppl are in the hurry to get to somewhere or an urgent is waiting for them! And those unconsiderate PPL just standing in the middle and make everyone have to said "Excuse Me" just to let themselves to pass through the crowd! At least, PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE A LIL BIT, U GUYS! DON'T STAND IN THE MIDDLE! STAND AT LEAST A SIDE JUST TO ALLOW SOMEONE IN HURRY TO PASS THROUGH!
PHEW! And erm. Just to inform u that if u r in KLCC the whole day and everyday, maybe you guys will saw me! HAHAHA! Cuz I will stand in the center ring to view all these things! HAHAHA...