went for buffet in hotel concorde yesterday nite! wow! they really served great food, they have oysters, sashimi, fresh prawns, and many more! i tell u suitli! u all wasted that u all didn't wanted to go for that buffet last time! it is really fabulous and delicious~ Yummy! u all should go la~ i know u all will sure like it!

fireworks everywhere celebrating malaysia's independent day! yesterday is the eve of the independent day! i get to see the really special fireworks yesterday on time! hehe... i was at home and i can see different places fireworks! for those who are oversea, it was really nice and most special than other years then... wasted that my camera have no more battery and i can't let those one missed it to have a look! hehehe...


now i know how tired is learning driving... my left leg now is cramping and no feeling because of steping of the stupid cluth and my tense of using my left leg to step the stupid cluth! aaarrrrr!!!!!!! T_T
Wahhhh! damn scary! *SOB* i hate driving!!!! but i have to have that stupid driving lincense for my future!!! T_T help me!
Very gan cheong, cuz my driving lesson is today and i that uncle havent call me to go down yet! but i think it's about time... Arrrr! help me ler! i have to prepare myself now! i will write again when i'm after my lesson and back home! gan cheong gan cheong!


OOOoouuuu! Another staying-at-home day! Finished my last subject of my course and now, only now i think of taking up the driving lesson... too free to do anything... And in addition i didn't want to take the degree program here and this makes me more free than last time when i was having classes. Then now I'm really damn free to do and modifying my stupid homie which i had done so many things and now i have to done it all over again because i did some stupid thing and make my previous saved version lost and now, my ideas have lost, too. I do alwayz hate this!

The circles is active again! It have been a week i can't go in there, or maybe it had block my IP? Anyway, I'm now can active in that circles again! Hehe...

To Yan:
Thankx for your script and i admit that i did copy some convenient script from u but i did modified it before i post it! Like i didn't use your javascript which it will be showing on the status bar.... cuz that one will make more error in my blog but i dunno y... cuz evertime i used JS here it will generate errors... or maybe i'm just too stupid in this!
Regards: HuiChi


Wow! It's great to shop in One Utama! There's so many new things now there! Especially fashions! So many fashion stores there are can't find in KL! Hope I can get there to shop again, unfortunately, I'm not the one who shop yesterday there whereas my brother is the one who need a black shoe for his prefect thing. But I observed many stores that I want my frens with me to shop there! Awww... I missed the stores there! Really have to take up my driving lessons and drive me and my frens there!

I'm going for stimboat tonight with my bf and his frens! There's nice food and cheap, too! hehe... Hope they will enjoy tonight!


Went to watch Lara Croft: The Cradle of Life yesterday with my frenzzz! It's kinda action but i nearly fainted in that cinema cuz the action pack made the cameras have to swing here and there and everything in my mind is dizzyness! Anyway, it's quite a nice movie though! hehe...


Had change my blogger line and the midi! this is a very nice piano solo of suteki da ne, but the volume is too soft and i can't find a louder version! so, if you guys wanna listen to it you will have to louder your speaker! sorry for the inconvenient!
alright! i'm spending some time for this messy blog and i had simplify it! hope it's not too messy for you! Mr./Ms. NoName!
i know this is rather messy, but i'm trying to working it out already. please be patient Mr./Ms. NoName! I'm now currently have no job and no studies, very free to work for my homepage! So, this blog will be the second on my to-do list to be maintain! sorry about that if this messy blog is bothering u!


haih~ very boring... now i had finish my course, have to wait until Nov onli can take my exams~ die la then~


Hey~ Now you can click to the buttons below to copy the links that can link those buttons to me! Thankx very much ya~
Feed back me or message me if there's something wrong or inconveniece! Arigatou~


ah~ I'm drinking "Fun kord" and groundnuts soup~ hehehe...
ah~ i'm recover almost 90% liao~ hehehe... no more coughing and no more dizziness~


hmm... Ok... This is the better version of miriam yeung's wild child! hehehe... hope you will like it!
Errh~ This midi is a bit cacat
so you have to click a bit further then it will go back to normal
It's a quite old song from Miriam Yeung, Ye Hai Zi


@ @


Added two own make animation gif graphic! hehe.. it's not pretty but at least I successfully made them by myself! hehehe...
ARRGGHHH~ I caught a cold again~ I can't breath la~~~~ so cham~ I can't snezze la~ and it make my tear flow~
And I cough again~ Sorethroat again~ T_T
Damn the stupid flu and cough!!!!
Mada, Kaze o hikimashita~


wah~~ I saw fireworks just now! Don't know wat's big festival that need fireworks again~ Do you see I used the word "again"? Really! It's again! I can see 3 to 4 times fireworks in a year here, and I don't think other countries will put up fireworks so often like Malaysia~ hahaha... But today's fireworks are quite nice and big and colourful~ Today's weather is quite hazy, I can't see the fireworks very clearly so I didn't take the photos! I used to take the photos of those fireworks~

YeeVoon ar~ Whenever you want to date me pls inform me using handphone or housephone ma~ I'm not going to that community a few times a day one la~ So, next time pls contact me through my handphone or housephone ler~ ok? Thankx ya~

Currently my TV is showing the Taiwan's Annual Golden Music Festival~ Many nice songs and good artistes there~ hehehe... Thought it is a live telecast~

And am currently working with my newest version of my homie~~~~ Hope I can show them to you soon~ Cya~


Wah~ YeeVoon~ your homie very impressive ler~ hehehe... very nice ler~ i also wanna do something like that~ i will let you know when i need your help! hehe... anyway, i already have your homie's address in my link liao~ jya~