Finally! Test is over! Yay!
Hmmm... It's after the test~ But I dont think I can pass this time! Cuz I totally don't know wat the hell that lect wan me to do with the stupid damn questions!!! Arggghhh... Anyway, it's over! Hope the 1st test already pass ler, then I no need to resit that stupid test! ^_^
OK! Wat to do now? So I just update my blog and now wat to do? Next week is the final exam... But still lazy to study... I think this is the factor that alwayz makes my results fail or pass... Hmm... But I really dun feel like studying la!!!!
Grrrrrrrr..... SuitLi! Finally you put up your blog liao!!!! Very nice wor! hehe...
Apa boleh buat sekarang? Apa lagi boleh buat? can someone tell me??? ~T_T~