wah~~ I saw fireworks just now! Don't know wat's big festival that need fireworks again~ Do you see I used the word "again"? Really! It's again! I can see 3 to 4 times fireworks in a year here, and I don't think other countries will put up fireworks so often like Malaysia~ hahaha... But today's fireworks are quite nice and big and colourful~ Today's weather is quite hazy, I can't see the fireworks very clearly so I didn't take the photos! I used to take the photos of those fireworks~

YeeVoon ar~ Whenever you want to date me pls inform me using handphone or housephone ma~ I'm not going to that community a few times a day one la~ So, next time pls contact me through my handphone or housephone ler~ ok? Thankx ya~

Currently my TV is showing the Taiwan's Annual Golden Music Festival~ Many nice songs and good artistes there~ hehehe... Thought it is a live telecast~

And am currently working with my newest version of my homie~~~~ Hope I can show them to you soon~ Cya~