1. 1件出門+2件拍照的婚紗
2. 2件婚宴+2件拍照的婚紗
3. 1套歐式平口西服黑+白+古裝/和服拍攝用
4. 1套西服結婚當天用, 如果是選白色的話就包含白皮鞋!
5. 18"相本(38組)+12"相本 (含手提皮箱)
6. 1幅30"放大含框
7. 精緻謝卡 30pcs
8. 姊妹卡12份
9. 10"桌框
10. CD x 1 原始檔
11. CD x 1 修片檔
12. 3款新郎新娘彩妝造型
13. 提供耳環, 項鍊, 飾品配件




YV said...

Which bridal shop u went?? Have u sign up?? Most of the things also included in the pkg, but there are still something u can nego with them BEFORE sign up. After sign up, no way to nego anymore.

The 4R JiMui photos can get 100pcs actually, urs really not enough, at the end, u will need to go develop urself. Not worth. Now many BS offering 100pcs. Try to get 100pcs from them as this is not something that cost them much.

Do they provide DVD slideshow?? Means all the photos make into DVD slideshow and this will be playing during the wedding dinner. Most of the BS do provided this.

And the photo frame, actually they give 2 sets, one is for husband parents and another one is for ur parents. At least 2pcs photo frames. One is really not enough, I got 4 frames that time.

And remember, don't pay any cent when nego this. All these are very cheap things actually, won't cost them much.

YV said...

what is the 精緻謝卡???

You got ur actual date dy??

HuiChi said...

oh! we renego with another BS d... haha! today my bf bought his mother and sisters, so can get a lot of stuff today! good decision! :P

It's Universal Studio at jln ipoh!
1. 7 gowns for photo session - VIP (but i think more or less the same one la... WG x 3, EG x 2, traditional/other costume x 2... same goes to the BG)
2. 2 gowns for wedding day - WG x 1, EG x 2, BG Coat x 2
3. Make up + hair do for photo session - inclusive of amp x 2, colour hair spray for 2 person, colour shirt for BG, eye lashes x 1 pair, special hair setting, 水粉 x 1 bottle (can be taken away for future usage)
4. Car Deco + 1 pair of bear
5. Bouquet on the wedding day
6. 18x24 or 12x36 of 21 poses with design pre-wedding photos x 1
7. 12x16 of another 21 different poses without design pre-wedding photos x 1
8. 20x30 pre-wedding photo with frame x 1
9. 10x12 pre-wedding photo with frames x 2
10. photos for "sisters" x 36 pcs (i don't need that much... only give to specific people... haha!)
11. CDR 42 pcs (original files) x 1
12. DVD with 31 photoes + 1 song
13. Album bag x 1
14. 12x15 family photos x 2
15. 15x24 pre-wedding photo x 1
16. Free gifts x 3

YV said...

this pkg is so much better than the previous one wohh...

So when u going to have ur photo shoot??? U got ur actual date?? Really feel so fast wohh... hahha :D most of the big decisions done within few weeks. But I think it's good too... 结婚是需要冲动的行为才能实行的。有时三心两意,顾虑太多就会越拖越久,然后那股冲动就会慢慢的消失。

祝福你咯!!! ^__^

HuiChi said...

haha! yah! cuz the previous one i went alone with my brother and no one help me to nego... that's y lor... hahaha! luckily i sign up for this one... haha!

the ROM is on 19/12, sat at Thean Hou Temple! but at 11am la~ so you don't rush over here la~ haha! thanks for having the intention to come ya!

YV said...

wey wey... when u go for gown fitting that time, ask some1 that u think very close with (mayb can ask cousin sis to help out). Bcoz she is the one who going to help u to wear the gown on ur actual day :) so better ask her go with u, to learn how to wear the gown. it's not an easy job to wear a gown. Especially those gowns that with can can inside or need to tie up behind. Need to know how to push ur meat, push up and hide all the fat part geh. Like that only FIT and nice. You urself is impossible to do that and u need some1 to help out this. Why I said ask for very close, is bcoz u need to be naked lahh... hahahhaha :D if u ask frens, i think u very pai seh. hahahahhaa......

that time I ask my cousin sis accompany me... and my assistant teach her to help me wear the gown. So I very "fong sum".

But it's just for actual day only, photo shooting no need some1 to accompany. Just the 2 of u.

HuiChi said...

oh! okie! thanks! but my cousin sister won't be around KL lor... hahahaha! cuz she's working in singapore... so i think friend is ok also... hahaha!

YV said...

hahha... if u dun mind to let ppl see ur naked body =P hahahhaa....