ahhh! i'm starving! I'm sure i'm awake because of the starving! but the worse is i'm stone wat to eat! haihhh....
wat's more? eggs and breads! really sien seeing them! but if i dun eat them i'm sure i will starv until death at home! haha.. some great news! someone starving until her death at home! wat a joke! hehe... anyway, got to study for my SE exams which falls on this saturday! i hate it! especially it's a theory exams and it falls on saturday! aarrrr!!! wat a lovely day that i can rest at home, sleep until the sun is at the other side, and play around with my lil doggie at home and talk to the phone the whole day and and and...... I hate this exams which falls on saturday! It 's taking all my time from it! arrrr! who the hell created exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????